Save the World Ukraine

The Designer Glass Humanitarian Fund presents ``Save the World`` designed by George O'Neil and will be auctioned to provide financial assistance to the Ukraine relief fund.

As we all know all too well, the displacement of millions of women and children is due to the unwarranted war Russia has unleashed on Ukraine.
Our Save the World sculpture is a perfect way for us to be able to provide financial assistance through art.

The Save the World sculptures will be auction or sold 1 per week until the end of the year or until the fund reach 1 Millon dollars.

Save the world sculpture comes complete with a glass pedestal and spotlight. The complete glass Sculpture with pedestal stands 5' h x 15``wsq and weighs 70lb. It also comes in 2 pieces. The sculpture and the pedestal. The sculpture dimensions are 12``w×23``h×1-1/2`` thick with oval base. The pedestal stands 36``h × 15``sq

The auction starts every Sunday and ends Saturday at 6pm